Is There a Difference Between a Sober House and a Halfway House?

Their corresponding step-down is of course the 3/4 house, which would basically be somewhat similar to our phase two residences. In sober living environments, residents typically share a common objective – to maintain their sobriety. This fosters a strong sense of camaraderie and mutual understanding among peers who have experienced the challenges and triumphs of […]

Dopamine, behavior, and addiction PMC

Based on the hypothesis that OSU6162 can counteract both hyper‐ and hypo‐dopaminergic states, the compound has recently been evaluated in both animal models modulating alcohol‐mediated behaviours as well as in a placebo‐controlled human laboratory study in alcohol‐dependent patients. The atypical antipsychotic tiapride has been found to be efficacious in reducing alcohol drinking two placebo‐controlled clinical […]

8 Books About Sobriety to Help You Drink Less, or Quit Altogether The New York Times

Unfortunately, this type of behavior can easily manifest in other more harmful ways. Author Michael Dash, entrepreneur and recovering drug addict, draws many parallels between his life pursuing business success and his obsession with gambling, which caused him to bottom out. He explains how he was always trying to be the life of the party, […]